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    Jiangsu Long Rui New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a super-insulation materials research and development, production, sales, construction and services for the integration of high-tech enterprises. The main products are vacuum insulation board, light steel cast-in-place integrated housing system, airgel system three series of products. The company has 46 technical staff, with two national construction qualification, through independent scientific and technological innovation, the company has completed the application for invention patents and new patents more than 40, the preparation of national and industry standards 7.

 In order to meet the requirements of building efficient, safe and integrated materials system development, the company cooperates with Tongji University to set up new materials research and development center. Mainly on the super airgel insulation materials, vacuum insulation materials and light steel cast-in-place integrated housing system research and development

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Vacuum insulation boar… +More
Inorganic foaming line… +More
EPS +More
Pouring light steel in… +More
Cast - in - place ligh… +More
Airgel +More
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All directional assembly design & construction integration
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  • Congratulations on the su…
    Congratulations on the successful operation of the website, and wish the company a higher level of performance
  • A grade polyurethane fire…
    I developed the polyurethane composite insulation board to meet the fire A-level standards, the authority of the state sector testing and certification.
  • New display-PU decorative…
    New display-PU decorative lines
  • New display-PU decorative…
    New display-PU decorative lines
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