:Vacuum insulation board

    STP vacuum insulation board, the product is by the inorganic siliceous materials and inorganic fiber materials and high-strength composite gas barrier film made by vacuum packaging. The tensile strength of the sheet is high, the thermal conductivity is 0.002-0.012W / K ? W, and the fireproof performance is A grade. It belongs to the non-combustible material and can meet the requirements of "Gong Zi Zi [2009] No. 46" and has the requirements of light , Good insulation effect, fire and other characteristics. Widely used in construction, pipeline, cold chain and other fields.

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Thermal Conductivity(W/M·K)0.0050.0080.012
Puncture strength(N)18
The tensile strength of the vertical plate/kpa
Dimensional stability/%length / Width0.5
Compressive strength/kpa100
Surface water absorption/g/m2100

Application areas: for the construction and prefabricated building of the new expansion, product standards reference JG / T438-2014, JGJ / T416-2017 application of technical specifications refer to engineering standards or plans; to improve building safety, space and cost savings.

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